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Our Best Answer - Assessment Requirements, Exceptions and Waivers

Required Assessment Tests

You are required to take an assessment test if you have never attended another college. You are required to take the English/ESL and Math assessment tests before enrolling in English/ ESL or Math classes for the first time. If assessment tests are not taken, or a waiver issued, class enrollment will be limited to no more than 6 units during the first semester at SMC.

Based upon assessment scores, recommendations on which English, ESL and math class to take will be provided.

Waivers and Exemptions

Waivers may be granted for English, ESL, Math, or Chemistry classes based on meeting one of the following conditions:

  • ACCUPLACER (English/ESL/Math) and/or COMPASS (English/ESL/Math) assessments taken at another institution. 
  • Completed applicable college class work
  • Eligible Advanced Placement (AP) exam results
  • CAASPP, CSU and/or EAP test results

You must complete the appropriate form(s) and attach relevant documentation requested.

For more information, visit Waivers and Exemptions.

You are not required to take the assessment tests if:

  • You are a first-time student only registering for up to 6 units or less in class that are not English/ESL or math. However, enrollment in future semesters will be blocked until you complete the assessment tests.
  • You qualify for a waiver. You will need to fill out a placement waiver request under Waivers and Exemptions.

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